Cycling the Eurovelo 6: French Comte

Day 36: Monday 8th June

Besancon – Beaume les Dames (38km)

After a week relaxing we resumed our trip at Besancon. Having visited the fort earlier we had no need to linger. We set off up the Doubs River on well paved cycle paths.

Late afternoon we narrowly avoided being drenched by a long downpour and holed up in a supermarket cafe, using Wi-Fi to plot the next leg of the trip. We had guidebooks for travel down the Danube but had yet to decide how we would reach the river several hundred kilometres away. The Eurovelo 6 website has some nice glossy graphics but is fairly hopeless when trying to work out the actual route in detail.

Once the storm cleared we crossed the river and were easily upsold to an 55 euro wood cabin, complete with fridge, hob, shower, bed etc. (for reference we have spent most trips at campsites that typically cost 10-15 euro per night).

Day 37: Tuesday 9th June

Beaume les Dames – Mulhouse (120km)

We awoke refreshed and reluctantly departed our nice cabin. Riding was fairly easy over a small saddle to Mulhouse. Much of the trip has been so flat we can only measure gradient by the size and frequency of the locks we pass.

A lot of work was being done on creating additional cycle ways and the route will look different at the end of the summer construction season.

The day was uneventful but tiring. We pulled into the municipal campsite at Mulhouse narrowly avoiding another massive thunderstorm.