sample pages

The guidebook is presented in A5 sized PDF and does not contain photographs. This allows it to be easily read on a mobile device or printed in a compact size. If you do chose to print it we recommend you leave pages loose (unbound) so they can be disposed of as you advance along the route – this will save weight and space.

The guidebook is easiest read from west to east. Each regional section is divided into rideable chunks, typically 30-50km in length.

Sample: Region Overview

Each section contains a brief overview of the area’s highlights including food and drink.

Follow this link to view a Overview Sample page

Sample: Cycling Route

The bulk of the guide book is broken down in manageable sections that can be ridden in one day. The top of each page details the distance and riding notes and the lower half of the page comments on any noteworthy towns, attractions and camping encountered along the cycle route.

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Sample: Section Map

The guide now contains a total of 10 maps spread across the three Volumes. These maps are intended to provide an overview and be read in conjunction with the riding notes. They will be of real use in planning as you ride however are not sufficiently detailed to enable precise navigation.

Follow this link to view a Sample Section Map